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Benalmadena is located 22 Kilometres  from Malaga to the west of the capital it has an average temperature of 18 degrees and very little rainfall making it an ideal holiday destination for the tourist looking for great beaches and plenty of sunshine.

On the coast there you can find places with beautiful cliffs and with spectacular and very well equipped beaches, including Cavajal, Torremulle Bil-Bil are just a small selection.

Towards the end of the 18th century Benalmadena experiences something of a population and economy explosion which was preceeded with a long period of insecurity and Corsair attacks, several paper factories were built in Arroyo de la Miel and the cultivation of Muscatel grapes began to spread out, however this was sadly short lived as the Phylloxera plague and the end of the 19th century brought an end to that period of prosperity. It would not be until the 1950s when the tourist industry started to peak and turned Benalamadena into one of the popular holiday destinations, and construction of tourist hotels and apartments began to flourish.

In the 1970s Benalamdena obtained the distinction of tourist interest village and several other awards and in 1973 the Tivoli funfair a pioneer at the time in Spain.

It is worth taking a trip to Benalmadena town centre there are historic streets and has managed to maintain its natural Andalusian whitewashed houses, with their windows and balconies full of colourful plants. The Santa Domingo church is worth visiting this was built around the 17th century but underwent restoration work in the 1960s, the Municipal Archaeological Museum has one of the best  collections of Pre-Colombian art in Europe, donated by the Mexican painter Felipe Orlando, you will also be able to see some archaeological remains of prehistoric Benalmadena.

Heading down towards the coast you will find the huge Parque de la Paloma ( Doves Park) a green recreation spot with a modern and sometimes “wild design”, and unique attractions such as the catus which is one of the best collections in the World. Bil Bil castle also stands out for its uniqueness built during the thirties in the 20th century in Neo-Islamic style and is currently used as the cultural center, concerts, conferences and exhibitions are regularly held there.

Benalamdena the big port of the Costa del Sol designed by Eduardo Oria , in the port basins harmonise with residential architecture and famous restaurants, pubs and discos that make it one of the nightlife centers of the Costa del Sol. The recent construction of the Costa del Sol cable car allows visitors to see an excellent panoramic view of the Costa del Sol, Sierra Nevada and the Guadalhorce Valley and on clear days Gibraltar and the African Coast.

Five kilometers from the center of Benalmadena is Arroyo de la Miel , this is a suburban area of this town. At the end of the 18th century Genovese Felix solecio acquired Arroyo de la Miel and built several paper mills to get the necessary material for the growing playing card factory of Macharaviaya, taking advantage of the Cao spring. He built an aqueduct the remains of which can still be seen in the present Cuidad de Melilla Avenue.

However most of the present day fame of this place is without a doubt due to Tivoli World funfair, with its constantly renewed attractions, open air theatre, daily shows with international artists and its fantastic gardens with all kinds of tropical species, were on Sundays a garden market is sometimes held.