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Malaga Fair


Decorated with flowers lights and lanterns Malaga is transformed each year for its August fair, this takes place over a period of nine days in which time you can sample various kinds of foods, music and displays of horsemanship can all be enjoyed on the streets on the city.

The gateway framing the entrance into Calle Larios at the heart of Malagas historical centre and a stone’s throw away from the sea is the focal point for the capitals biggest celebration and is also a symbol for all to come and enjoy Malaga at its most festive.

The centre of Malaga is one of the fairs main venues during the day it offers the opportunity to sample various tapas and also dishes typical ofMalaga Fair Malaga in several of booths, bars and restaurants to be found in Malagas most picturesque areas of the towns centre. The streets are covered with awnings to protect visitors from the burning August summer sun, while modern music mingles with local folk music.

The main venue though is the Real del Cortijo de Torres this is where the large fairground is located opposite the University of Malaga and conveniently linked with the town centre during the Ferrier by the local bus service. This largo fairground which was purpose built to house the fair is open throughout the day and features events such as equestrian shows and dozens of booths were you can enjoy a glass of refreshing wine. During the night the fun continues right through to the early hours there are various different sections offering varied music and a party atmosphere.

The fair is a long standing tradition and dates back to the reconquest of the Catholic Monarchs and has over six million visitors every year. This is not surprising when you consider that it features over 300 performances which in turn involve over 2,300 artists. The first night of the fair is marked with an opening concert on La Malaqueta beach this signals the start of the fair, there is also a firework display at the beginning and the end of the fair, these displays are normally events to behold as they are colourful, bright and noisy.